Walking into my Purpose

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This Candle is dedicated to all those who are taking the journey in order to WALK into their Purpose. This process is never easy and often times, very painful, but when you embark on the journey to find and embrace your true self, it's an eye opening experience! 2020 has proven to be a trying and devastating year for so many. There are so many who decided to turn from old habits, ways and familiar routines to go into uncharted territory. Congrats to you on Walking into your Purpose. May you eventually Walk IN your Purpose. I was inspired to create this candle due to my own experience. I chose the scent of Driftwood because it truly compliments the essence of this candle. When you are discovering your purpose, it may sometimes feel as though you are drifting. Drifting away from your familiar into your New! 

16 oz. Apothecary candle 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review