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    Did you know that an amazing scent has the power to calm the mind, relax the body, heal emotional and physical pain, serve as a medicinal treatment, and to trigger some of our most sacred memories? The Candle Station is...

  • Relax with the calming scent of eucalyptus mixed with lemongrass. Aids in sleep and deep relaxation of the body and mind.                                 
soy blend / dye free/ natural wood wick which allows: longer burn time, cleaner burn with less soot residue & a soothing crackling sound

    Relaxation Candles 8oz

    Relax with the calming scents of lavender with vanilla, or eucalyptus mixed with lemongrass or black raspberry vanilla mixed with peppermint. Each candle has a positive stimulating benefit on the human body.  30+ Hours...

  • Sweet Garden

    Spring Garden Collection

    Now you can have a spring garden all year!   Choose from a fun pallet of scents with our Spring Garden Collection. This 7.5 oz. premium fragrance filled sand and soy blended wax will leave your scenes delighted...


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