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Custom Candle Gallery

Custom Candle Gallery

Please contact us via phone(404 457 6174) to discuss all container refill and custom orders.

*******We do refill fire safe containers only and charge for fill/refill by the ounce.********

We regularly stock 3 different types of wax that we use: ( Soy blend, Granulated, and Gel). Gel wax can not be mixed with all fragrances. We also will use bees, paraffin, and palm wax per request. 

We charge by wax type and per ounce. Our Gel wax is most expensive wax but will give a longer burn time than soy blend and granulated. All fragrances with an * listed next to them are gel wax safe. We can mix different types of wax in the same container to retrieve a certain look and/or scent throw.

Some fragrances are naturally stronger than others and will have an ! listed next to them to indicate this.

The turnaround time on all custom order will vary and will take longer in the Spring and Summer months due to the heavy volume of candle making kits that we prepare and ship. Once your order is completed, you will receive an invoice via email and must pay before the order can be retrieved.

  • Customers must provide their own container
  • No two candles are the same
  • Please wait two weeks after receiving your candle to burn it. ( It take approximately 2 weeks for a candle to cure and deliver the best scent throw).
  • Please clip your wick according to instructions and never leave a candle unattended.
  • Please keep your candle burning until it reaches it’s full burn pool, this will eliminate having a small hole in the center of the candle after burning it.


Do you need help a payment plan to help with the cost of your wedding? You may apply for credit to ease the stress of  your big day- Click on the Square Installments link below:

  Square Installments

Call 404 457 6174 for custom orders 


Please visit our Facebook page to see more of our custom  candles

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