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Did you know that an amazing scent has the power to calm the mind, relax the body, heal emotional and physical pain, serve as a medicinal treatment, and to trigger some of our most sacred memories? The Candle Station is Atlanta’s premier candle and candle-making shop where we provide the creative, yet, alternative and scent-ful art experience, giving adults and children the opportunity to become chandlers (professional candle maker), for a day, via both open and private candle-making parties and events. We add to the innovative arts community by executing one-of-a-kind, whimsical, fun, educational, and therapeutic outlets for all who wish to spruce up their creative side through the use and power of SCENT. 
Get to know the owner:
Rhashanda Rochester BKA R.E. Rochester on Social Media is the proud owner of The Candle Station and a native of Atlanta Georgia. Rhashanda has a passion for creativity and expresses that passion in her candle making venture. She emphasizes bringing the art of creativity to others with the candle making process by letting them make their very own candles without using any hot wax or machinery. She is a master candle maker as well as a loving wife and dedicated mother. Rhashanda has a degree in Accounting and takes pride in helping others with their small business development; therefore, creating The business Aide 1023 which allows her to provide one on one business coaching with other small business owners in the areas of business start- up consulting. Rhashanda Started Paint Sip & Candle Create Parties to bring the joy of Networking while Creating to all!!!

Rhashanda is also now an author! Check out "Life Interruptions- Sister Turn and Take your Journey"  Life Interruptions, Vol 1, a women's anthology written by six African-American women from Atlanta, GA, is a reminiscent, insightful, thoughtful, and creative masterpiece that shares one of each woman's most memorable life intermission that overshadowed her purpose, hampered her passion, and temporarily derailed her mission to "press toward the prize for which God called her heavenward" (Philippians 3:14). As women, we all have experienced the loss of a loved one, a shift in family dynamics, ending an intimate relationship, depreciation in self-confidence and self-love, slothful ambition, stagnation in productivity; we have made decisions to challenge social norms and may have experienced or witnessed some type of abuse.


 Let us serve you:
We would like to welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
We Specialize... in custom candle making. Candle making is a form of art, expression, and creativity. We take pride in making our customers smile while allowing them to show their true colors and scents. We provide a vast variety of fragrances that are sure to tickle to your nose with great pleasure. My Candle Station is exactly that, it is your candle station where you can customize a pallet of delightful colors and scents. Book a
Candle Station today to start enjoying your very own creativity!
As a result of great customer service, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
Please feel free to send us  a message and we will check it out!!!!
The Candle Station no longer participates in any out-door festivals. 
The Next Big Thing - Current project 

The Candle Station is ready to move into an all-purpose and co-working space to:

Secure a standing facility where students can come to us to personalize, create, and recreate their favorite candles and scents using one of our themed event rooms (currently, I operate as a mobile and home business, where I make and store materials and candle-making kits in my garage, and then take the art experience to customers right in their homes, schools, event space or business).

Eliminate the personal expense and headache that come with booking an event hall or using one’s homes to host a party, and instead, provide our students with the option to book our space, online, allowing for our Candle Station staff to enthusiastically handle the rest--especially the cleanup!

Serve as an artistic multi-purpose facility, providing local Atlanta artists and visionaries a co-working space to network, expand, and elevate their artistic prowess and businesses.

FREELY Serve the community--particularly those areas in and around the metro Atlanta which are under-privileged and undeserved--hosting free and open-to-the-public creative arts, educational and mental health events.

Why I am taking the crowd-funding route:

Listen, we quirky creatives tend to be NON-TRADITIONAL, and I’ve found that taking this approach in life can be pretty dang awesome! Over the last 10 years--as a working wife, mom, and entrepreneur--I’ve personally invested over 25k into my business. While the journey has been beautiful, lesson-filled, and both self and financially rewarding, I know and recognize its time expand the vision to an even bigger one--with the support of a community that understands the value and importance of female-ownership, small-business, community, and creativity--where I get to:

STABILIZE and GROW--Setup shop in one location with adequate space for storing materials and candle-making kit shipments providing a more enhanced and organized inventory system.

Become an ARTISTIC PLACEMAKER--Operate in the community as a creative station and safe space, offering supportive, educational, and engaging self-therapy activities and services which could potentially replace ones channeling his/her energy into non-serving habits.

CREATE RESOURCES--Accomplish all of the above by taking a DEBT FREE approach through garnering financial support from family, friends, the entrepreneurial and artistic communities, and in turn--giving back to and teaching these same principles to other small-businesses on the rise.

Click on the following link to support the vision:  Fund The Vision 

Yours Truly,

R. E. Rochester (Proud Business Owner and Mommypreneur)