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Did you know that an amazing scent has the power to calm the mind, relax the body, heal emotional and physical pain, serve as a medicinal treatment, and to trigger some of our most sacred memories? The Candle Station is Atlanta’s premier candle and candle-making shop where we provide the creative, yet, alternative and scent-ful art experience, giving adults and children the opportunity to become chandlers (professional candle maker), for a day, via both open and private candle-making parties and events. We add to the innovative arts community by executing one-of-a-kind, whimsical, fun, educational, and therapeutic outlets for all who wish to spruce up their creative side through the use and power of SCENT. 
 Meet the Owner

R.E is an entrepreneur who loves creating and providing products for your overall health and wellness. Her recent battle with COVID-19 put her in full gear to redirect her focus and concentrate on health and wellness. Her victory over COVID made her want to share her story and help others get in gear to live a healthy lifestyle. She provides a healthy aromatherapy lifestyle through her hand poured candles, soaps, and wax melts provided at The Candle Station. She also Partnered with Tava Life Style to provide multi vitamins, detox teas, CBD coffee and so much more.

 A native of Atlanta, Georgia, R.E is a master candle maker. She has a passion for creativity, and she expresses that passion in her candle making venture. She shares her passion with other artsy people by bringing the art of candle making into collaborative spaces where people can make unique candles. She makes the process simple by allowing enthusiasts to pick a container, choose from a variety of color waxes, and design their candles just the way they want them. She makes candle crafting safe by supplying candle makers with non-hot wax or non-essential equipment. 

We are dedicated to providing a quality aromatherapy lifestyle! 


 R. E. Rochester (Proud Business Owner and Mommypreneur)

 A health enthusiast providing you with your daily dose of health care tips, natural remedy tricks and weekly motivation!
We make custom candles! The below rates are for our custom candles only
Soy and Paraffin Wax: 1.33 per oz.
Bees Wax: 1.77 per oz. 
Gel Wax : 2.33 per oz. 
Visit our Facebook page to view custom candles
Any decals or special lettering is an extra cost that starts at $5.00