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Rejuvenation Series Candles & Soaps

  • This soap doesn't contain a luffa/loofah sponge.

    Himalayan Exfoliate Bar

      The Loofah sponge is composed of slightly rough fibers that are very helpful to exfoliate your skin. In addition to this, it is also beneficial for you to eliminate dead skin cells that will automatically...

  • This Soap does contain Luffa/ Loofah

    Himalayan Luffa/Loofah - Sponge Exfoliate Bar

    This 4 oz Bar is designed to exfoliate, recharge and moisturize the skin with the perfect blend of Pink Himalayan Salt and an all natural Luffa Sponge locked in the in center of African Black Soap (inspired) that is ...

  • Relax with the calming scent of eucalyptus mixed with lemongrass. Aids in sleep and deep relaxation of the body and mind.                                 
soy blend / dye free/ natural wood wick which allows: longer burn time, cleaner burn with less soot residue & a soothing crackling sound

    Relaxation Candles 8oz

    Relax with the calming scents of lavender with vanilla, or eucalyptus mixed with lemongrass or black raspberry vanilla mixed with peppermint. Each candle has a positive stimulating benefit on the human body.  30+ Hours...

  • Sinus Relief Wax Melts w/ Himalayan Salt - Rejuventation

    Sinus Relief Rejuvenation Wax Melts

    Stuffy nose? No problem, we got you covered. Try our all natural Stuffy nose hand poured wax melts.  Consist of a natural blend of Camphor, Eucalyptus, Mint with Pint Himalayan Salt Sprinkled...


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